Tracking Packages while Drop shipping within ecommerce

Dropshipping within e-commerce is a Revolutionary concept that has made it easier for people to start businesses easily and on a low budget. Thanks to The Internet, e-Commerce has become a reality for people. Many entrepreneurs are able to run their businesses from their attic or bedrooms, taking orders online from customers located in different cities or countries.

How Dropshipping Works

One of the challenges of running any commerce business is the shortage of warehousing space. While you can do away with the need for a brick and mortar retail store, the need for storage for goods remains. Dropshipping in e-commerce has done away with this difficulty as well. This kind of program is an arrangement where the retailer can request the wholesaler or distributor to directly ship the product to the retailer’s customer. This ensures that the retailer does not have to spend money on warehousing. Also, the shipping process becomes easier since you don’t have to store inventory on-premises or package and ship the products.

This is also effective if you deliver other items, perhaps you need a parcel tracking software if your main business is sending letters that need to be tracked – especially if they’re certified or contain important items such as legal documents or checks.

Dropshipping within E-Commerce has one drawback. You cannot always check if the parcel or shipment has actually been sent to the customer. You might spend a lot of time building your profile and reputation as a retailer online. One misplaced shipment can lead to bad reviews and affect your business badly. To ensure that the shipment reaches your customer in time, you need to have a reliable system in place that helps you keep track of where the parcel is at any given time. This also offers further motivation at the distributor end to process shipping requests on time.

Dropshipping within e-commerce is a very profitable business model for retailers who know how to use the system do generate maximum profit. However, you have to ensure that the parcels reach the customer on time. Since you are not personally overseeing the packaging and shipping of parcels, the next best thing to do is to rely on a shipping or package tracking system.

 Using Package Tracking Software to Ensure Delivery

In addition to investing in a tracking software, you also need to invest in some time to find the right distributors. Not all wholesalers offer Drop shipping as part of their services. Some distributors try to undercut retailers’ profit by directly reaching out to customers. Therefore, you have check distributor policies to see if they are aware of the concept of drop shipping. Also you have to ensure that the packaging meets your standards. You would not want the packaging to carry the distributors’ contact details or brand name. Drop shipping is a very profitable business model; however, lack of reliable wholesalers or distributors could be a hindrance to business growth. In addition to a good shipment tracking device, you also need the cooperation of the wholesaler for you drop shipping arrangements. The wholesaler should also offer you other benefits such as a larger profit margin.


You have to work on finding a mutually agreeable shipping system. Some courier companies offer discounts to businesses and bulk orders. If your wholesaler agrees to use this type of shipping, you could save a lot of money by not having to pay too much for shipping. Dropshipping in ecommerce takes patience but stands to offer huge rewards.


Why User Experience Design Matters To A Business

good user experience design by appleMost companies these days have to design something for their customers or users. It can be anything from a menu at a restaurant to the options at a bank ATM machine. While developers, programmers, coders, and IT personnel might be full of ideas and suggestions about how something should look or operate, you should ultimately let the clients that spend money with your business decide on how things operate anytime your business has a technological point of contact with them.

This is called user experience design, and it simply means that all design elements are ultimately focused not just on function, stability, and security, but the actual experience the user goes through when using your interface. This matters not just in touchscreens in brick and mortar stores, but also through your website and your smartphone app, which more and more businesses have on top of their online content. It even matters to some degree in how you set up your auto prompter and menu options on your phone system.

People want things to be convenient, easy, and even enjoyable when possible. When your existing clients feel so comfortable with your designs that they find dealing with your business to be a seamless part of their day, they are not likely to leave you for a competitor, sometimes even when another business might actually be cheaper for them!

Whenever it is time for an overhaul of any customer interface, don’t just let your IT department whip something up and then roll it out all over the country. Let managers give it a test drive first. It’s probably most efficient for a company to hire an app development company to avoid mistakes and a ton of wasted time. Do small scale tests in limited markets. Pull together focus groups. Most especially, let any of your current employees who are in customer facing roles try it out. They can really tell you whether or not your existing clientele are going to like it or not.

Tips on great user experience design from the pros


Regardless of how old a system is, always have an option to get feedback and survey data from clients and customers on their user experience. Any comments or suggestions that come up repeatedly need to be addressed, regardless of whether or not your IT people actually care or take it to heart. Don’t be hard on them though. Engineers sitting in cubicle farms rarely know at heart that people shopping your business are eventually their paycheck. Your customer service folks don’t ever forget that though.

How to choose the right UX company for the project

There are so many websites, toll-free numbers, and apps out there these days that consumers flock to the ones that save their time, go easy on their brains, or answer their questions and problems. Be an easy part of a good day, your customer will trust your business and stick with you for a long while. These kind of habitual customers are great repeat business and might stick with you long after alternatives come to the market that might even be better for them. Anytime your company works on software, an app, or a website that customers will engage, make sure that user experience design is the philosophy of the day.

Finding the Best Business to get your Braces Done

How To Find The Best Dentist For Braces

Your smile is beautiful, but there are always ways that it can become even prettier. With the help of braces, you can improve the appearance of your smile in ways that you never imagined. If you feel like this is the right choice for you or a loved one, the first thing you need to do is find the best dentist for your situation. Read on to learn more about finding the dentist that you can use for your braces needs.

As you consider which dentist to use, you should first talk with your current dentist. While some dentists offer braces, not all of them do. Talk with your dentist first to find out if that is something that he or she offers. If not, ask them if there is someone that they recommend.

If your dentist wasn’t able to help  or if you want further recommendations, you can continue your research. You can ask your family and friends if they are able to recommend a dentist that offers braces. If so, find out all you can about their experience with the dentist. Another option is taking your search online. With a simple search on the World Wide Web, you are sure to find quite a few dentists in your area.

After you have learned about the dentists that you are interested in, you should then make an appointment with one or two of them. By doing so, you will get to speak with the dentist and his or her staff. This will help you best make the decision as to if you want to work with them for the next two to three years.

Finally, you can make your decision as to which dentist you would like doing your braces. After having your consultation appointment and having the opportunity to learn more about the process, the costs, and any other information that you want, you can make the best decision for your situation. Hopefully this information will help you find the top orthodontic practice in your area.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should do as you consider braces for your teeth or for the teeth of a loved one. By doing your research and learning about your options, you can rest assured that you are choosing the best dentist in the field to work with. While having braces can be a bit of a challenge, the reward is definitely worth it.

Supply Chain Management via Los Angeles Fulfillment

Building a business from the ground-up can be one of the most exciting things to do in today’s world. Especially since most don’t go out and hunt large game out of necessity in order to live, which always caused our ancestors to feel alive and connected. This is a parallel situation that models in many ways the spirit of the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are those brave souls who have put themselves into the arena, where they’re in plain sight of the naysayers who might try to cut them down for their efforts, but as the saying goes, the “credit goes to the guy in the arena.” They’re the ones who will never be counted with those weak, tired souls who never dared to bet on themselves. They’ll never be numbered with those individuals who never dared to “jump in” to the cold ocean or a lake to swim to the other side. It’s about this courageous spirit that I’d like to talk about today.

Scaling Business with Good Supply Chain Management

I want to first begin by saying that most entrepreneurs start their journey off doing everything in the business. They work so hard on the marketing, product development, CRM, sales, fulfillment, and anything else the business requires. This is great in the beginning but obviously not scalable. So what’s the answer to these complex business matters that are certain to put a bottleneck on your growth? The answer is “systems.” When you have the proper systems in place, scaling your business is one of the easiest, natural path things to do. After you’ve put everything else into place from manufacturing to design and UI/UX for your customers, and you’ve got all the right people on the team, so to speak, then the next thing to do is outsource some of those day-to-day hassles that would free you up to grow the business.

The right systems for fulfilling your orders

If you happen to bring your product in from overseas, then you’re surely bringing them into one of the fringes of the country, and by boat. This is both good and bad news. The good news, if you happen to have a Los Angeles fulfillment company that picks up your product from the ports, this can drastically cut down on transportation costs and help you to quickly turn your inventory. The last thing you want is for inventory to get caught up in logistics while on the road or an airplane from the ports. This is revenue lost and should be stopped as soon as possible.

How it helps your internal logistics

Here’s a cool video showing fulfillment in action produced by TIME

Outsourcing the fulfillment side of your business is different from any other kind of outsourcing. You can outsource your production, manufacturing, phone calls, but when you outsource to a company who will end up being the last touch in handling your inventory before it reaches customers, then it better be done right. That’s why there’s a growing number of people dropping Shipwire and Amazon. These companies seem to have a disconnect with their clients as they don’t assign account representatives, just case managers. What that means to you as a business owner is that instead of opening a ticket to be answered by any one of the people in client services, you’ll have direct access to someone who knows the intimate details of your contract and business. This helps in so many ways, but mainly it gives clients peace of mind that their brand is going to be cared for properly.

So do yourself a favor when seeking to outsource some of the shipping of your company’s product. You’ll be glad you did and tell them the Jin sent you.

The Music Business: Lessons for Kids is Taking Off

The Value of Music Lessons For Kids

When children are in the 4th and 5th grade, they will usually have the opportunity to learn how to play a band or orchestra instrument, and take music lessons at school. This is a wonderful chance to learn a lifetime’s pleasure, at the expense of the taxpayer. A child will be able to pick out their own instrument to learn, and the lessons and learning will be geared to playing in the school band, orchestra, or both. Read more about our Oceanside teacher,

There will be weeks and months of agonizing screeches, blurps and woeful sounds coming from the child’s room as they practice, but soon there is the semblance of actual music as the child learns the notes and how to put them together into music. Before long, your child is actually playing music that can be recognized as such.

When children takes music lessons, some interesting things occur that will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

They learn very rapidly how to take concepts such as notes and their placement, rhythms and nuances and translate what is on paper into actual sounds, which become music. They develop an incredible hand-eye coordination, that helps them in other fields, such as athletics, practical courses such as business education and industrial arts, and they gain an appreciation of music that they would have surely missed had they not taken up the learning of a musical instrument.

They also learn an intense cooperation and teamwork that has to accompany a successful band and orchestra experience. They will spend at least an hour a day practicing with the band or orchestra during a regularly scheduled class hour, and they will also spend time at home practicing their parts. Read some of Lenore’s reviews to hear what other parents are saying.

Participation at school venues such as athletic events, parades, concerts and recitals are also a part of the school musical participation experience. Friendships are made and skills are learned that can carry a student on to, and through college.

If a student becomes well versed in learning and playing an instrument or two during high school, there is always the possibility that college scholarships may be in the making as well. Even if a student does not use his or her musical skills to further their education, they will have learned not only a skill, but a real pastime that will be available for the rest of their lives, if not in actual playing and participation in that way, but in knowledge and appreciation that lasts forever.

How to use Video Production for Business

The Value Of Professional Video Production, Thoughts from a San Diego company

Most social media experts have agreed that the most effective way to get followers and visitors to a company’s web and social media sites to share the information that is posted on site is to use video to position products and messages. People seem hardwired to prefer messaging that is delivered in the form of moving images. In terms of effectiveness the least effective approachis to post in information in text only format, the next most effective is to use still images and by far the most shareable content is in the form of video.

Corporate Video Production Tips

So what is the key to posting or using successful video content if you are in business and want to get your message out there? There seem to be a couple of key elements for success. Firstly the video has to offer value to the viewer – it needs to provide the with information that is inherently useful in some way. Of course there is also the approach of humor which many companies have used to great effect in the past.

The length of the video is also important as most visitors to the site simply do not have the time to view long video productions. However, perhaps the most important aspect in promoting the sharing of video content and the associated encouragement of visitors to follow the site or use the products or services of the company concerned is the quality of the video production.

Taking raw footage and turning it into high quality piece of visual greatness is the task of a skilled San Diego video production Company . These skilled professionals can produce CD’s, DVD’s and even video tape that can be used in a variety of settings and distributed through a variety of channels. The skilled video production company will offer services that include editing and even the use of technology such as green screen rooms that ensure that the end product is of sufficient quality to be used either online or presented to audiences in a corporate setting. View their Yelp reviews here.

There are also video production companies that specialize in providing finished and edited video to private parties. These videos can range from wedding or special event video to a range of other privately produced videos.

The key to finding the right video production company is to ensure that they have a track record of providing quality finished products. Clients should ensure that the video production company has a long history of providing video for a variety of uses.

Hope this help you! Jin

WebMD Forecasting and Chiropractors

Chiropractors have come to gain the respect of the medical world after years of not being considered real doctors. A few decades ago, patients who needed the work done to their spines or other joints had to seek treatment for themselves. Nowadays there are many HMO’s and PPO’s who have chiropractic visits included in their plans. With this being the case, there are several patients who have averted a trip to the ER for pain in the body and have gotten off pain killers because of some kind of misalignment in the body causing nerves to be pinched. This is great news for the medical industry as a whole as they seek the holistic cures for their patients. Not so good news for pharmaceuticals. When a doctor like a chiropractor doesn’t prescribe medications, the larger pharm companies are not making money. And since they are in charge of so much policy and have lobbyists who can sway votes and policies, it has been an uphill battle.

WebMD and the outlook for investing in X-Ray technologies

chiropractic workWebMD has long been the trusted internet doctor for so many people. But they have to be careful about what they post since many take their advice seriously to the point of making major important health decisions based on the website’s recommendations. But recently there have been more guest posts by chiropractors who are giving great advice for stretches and other work-outs for people that have certain kinds of bodily pain. The new industry break through is viewing patient joints with x-ray technology, which is giving those offices the edge when it comes to treating patients.

If you’re looking for a way to invest in this industry, the x-ray technologies are the best way to get involved. While I have no particular manufacturers to recommend, the majors would be fine for the next 7-10 years as the chiropractic market grows.

article contributor

San Diego Tribune and the World Famous Map

The San Diego company Tribune posted a picture of the world famous map that once appeared in the Wall Street Journal has once again made an appearance on TV in the local area. The map was used to show traffic all over the San Diego county area and was used in aerial shots of news reporters walking over the city pointing out traffic. The significance of the map in becoming “word famous” was that it was in the first color print of the popular newspaper. For decades, the WSJ has appeared in black and white but when it finally caught up with the times and started their color edition of print, it increased readership and advertising as the advertisers could more closely adhere to branding guidelines.

San Diego News and Advertising

San Diego has long been one of the greatest towns for a mixed variety of advertising and advertisers. With their wide variety of readers and viewers, advertisers can select their audience based on the times a commercial is shown and during certain television shows. For example, the watchers during the early AM news tend to be men and women ages 38-65 who are professionals. They are the prime target for many automobile advertisements, whereas afternoon television has a greater chance of catching an audience of 20-35 year old women who might be interested in attending online classes at a local college.

Advertising and Demographics

When advertising, it doesn’t matter if you get one million impressions of your brand in front of one million of the wrong people. But that same ad in front of ten of the right people with a 10% conversion rate is far more effective. So whether in the San Diego Tribune or the WSJ or FOX news, be sure to ask all the right questions before buying ads. You just might end up on the cover of the Wall Street Journal unawares!

Business Growth Driving New Home Buyers, Interior Design Sector

Interior design has made a come back over the last 4 years since the economic real estate crash delivered after the 2008 bubble. As an investor, realizing that there is an ocean of money out there, I am glad to see that there is growth in real estate now, and not just the inventory of homes but new home building and remodeling. One of the first things to go when the economy tanks is remodeling and folks doing interior design (and of course the gourmet doughnut shops disappear), so the sign of a recovery is folks loosening the purse strings to do something nice for the home.

Interior Decorating on a Budget is Still Interior Decorating with Wall Decals and Stickers

Wall quote stickersI recently came across a news article describing Style and Apply, a company that makes custom vinyl wall decals as well as producing their own graphics for homes. The amazing thing to me was that this company and those like them are really ancillary to the interior design sector. And that there are nearly 100,000 searches every month for wall decals gives me the impression that this is a good business to own during the uptick of the market. Primarily because this kind of industry may be viewed as something people only spend money on when there is discretionary income. But that is hardly the case.

According to studies published by the HOA and other governmental and non-governmental agencies, the number of homeowners who have been doing some kind of interior decorating has actually not changed much, only the amount of money spent year over year from the recession on to today. So the good news, especially for this industry is that they are providing a value-added service for homeowners who can achieve something great while still on a budget. True, spending is up, but so is thriftiness. And those who do choose to make home improvements, especially those who want to add color to a room or make a wall look great can do so in an elegant way, without breaking the bank or taking out a home equity loan. And so can those who rent because even custom wall decal quotes are easy to remove and take to the next home.

Growing Business on Good Credit

credit-repairAnyone who has applied for a business loan knows the importance of a good personal credit history. Getting your credit repaired fast can be one of the greatest things you could do before setting out on a business adventure. Among the many business expenses that often go overlooked by many people are:

*office supplies
*office space
*phone / electric / gas / internet connections
*travel expenses
*operating expenses (employees and other expenses)
*accounting software
*advertising costs
*necessary subscriptions to related services

Good Credit can Mean Business

Sometimes getting your credit repaired might not seem like a priority today. But six months down the road when something unforeseen arises or you are faced with an opportunity to grow and expand but lack the immediate capitol to do so, you may need to barrow some money. This is often a crucial point in the lives of growing businesses. The real possibility of losing business due to the inability to fulfill on services or goods because you haven’t scaled yet can mean turning away a life-long business relationship or customer. This is never a good option, especially in the early days of growing a business. Becoming profitable in under 5 years for most businesses is a huge goal. In order to do this fast, you need not be in worry about whether or not you’ll be able to purchase the necessary means to support your growing business. What this ultimately means is that there are always opportunities, but there may be a bottleneck in your system somewhere that is preventing you from taking advantage of those opportunities.

Credit for Business and Personal

The lines are often blurred if you don’t understand how the IRS views expenses. There are often business expenses that are taken out of personal wages and earnings and not business earnings. And many new business owners don’t understand how to draw those lines. Not to worry, if you have good credit personally, the chances are that your business line of credit will provide a higher limit on your credit card or lines of credit.

So get your “ducks in a row,” and work on repairing your credit as fast as you can, especially if you are starting a business that will require a substantial investment up front in order to get started!